Emma and Jacqui at Qsulis

Welcome to our homepage, at demon. We've never done this before, so it is something of an experiment.

This site is still very much under construction. So like when Henson and Gold were performing The Newscaster, for protection, you will need to wear hard hats.



Updated on 25 September 2002

(Created a new section about Emma’s show reviews.)

Jacqueline Shane


A former computer scientist (but that was a long long time ago in the days of the Atlas machines). Now a Quasi-professional ecologist.

 Emma D Shane


Has a BSc in Mathematics, and has had jobs mainly relating to that. Risk Analyst, Transport Researcher

 In her spare time she is interested in Steam Railways, along with Muppets and Musical Theatre. One of her hobbies is building a website about her favourite Musical Theatre performer, Louise Gold .

Other Hobbies include writing and performing poetry, and writing theatre reviews





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